Srishti + Rashu -- the wedding --

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
There is always a first time for everything: our first visit to India and attending an Indian wedding. Due to our very short stay, we skipped many rituals during the day, so we could have a little tour in New Delhi and Agra. Luckily, we had enough energy to party past midnight for two days straight.

On the first day, we celebrated Sangeet, which is a celebration of the union of not only the couple, but also both families. It was full of music and dance, mostly dance performances by the couple, families, and guests (so, Indians really love to dance, not only in Bollywood movies, but also in real life!). Even though the party was also very colorful, we decided to capture the moments in black and white as a contrast to the pictures of the wedding party.

On the second day, there were so much excitement during the wedding celebration. First, the groom made a flashy entrance by riding a horse to the venue (not so sure if it was his idea or it was actually part of the tradition). Then the bride's sisters/family welcomed the groom at the entrance, but before letting him in, the groom had to made some bargaining. Too bad that we couldn't understand most part of the deals (which definitely must be funny since they laughed so hard during the process).

A couple of hours later, after a few drinks and lots of dances, we realized that the bride and the groom weren't a husband and a wife yet; not until the last ceremony at the end of the wedding celebration. Sadly, we couldn't stay for the most important ceremony since we had to catch our flight early in the morning.

Thank you Srishti+Rashu for sharing us these unforgettable moments. Best wishes on your wonderful journey together and may the years be filled with lasting joy.


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