Lizzy Vol 4

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
My best friend, Lisa, gathered her courage to open her own clothing line. It is her dream to own her own boutique and design women apparel. Her fourth collection consists of just a few new arrivals. So it's not worth it to book a studio and a professional model for this mini collection.

We had the photoshoot in a small cafe in Menteng (Central Jakarta) and started quite early to avoid disturbing other customers (of course we also asked permission from the cafe owner to have a photoshoot there). The place is perfect for casual photoshoot and it provides a lot of natural light. Moreover, the interior's color palette fits perfectly with the color of the new attires.

Also, meet Jady, her 6yo daughter who didn't want to be missed. One day, she can be a super model, or a fashion blogger, or a doctor, or a scientist, even a president... But right now, she just enjoys being a beloved daughter wearing a matching outfit and let her mother-daughter-moment being captured.



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