Srishti + Rashu

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Srishti is one of my closest friends in university. Not long after graduation, she told me that she's getting married in November. At the same time, I also had to tell her about leaving Germany at the end of August. So, we decided to have a little FUN project during my last summer in Frankfurt, just a few weeks before leaving.

We spent the whole Saturday walking around Frankfurt. Some friends also joined us during the shooting as a makeup artist/stylist or an assistant. We also rent a fish eye lens and had fun seeing the world through it (though I still cannot decide whether I should buy it or not). Overall, we had a great time and I smiled a lot as I did the post processing while remembering funny little things.

Their engagement and wedding ceremony will be held in New Delhi this weekend. It'll be my first time visiting India (and attending Indian wedding) and India is on my bucket list for a very long time (although it'll be a very short visit). I'm looking forward to be there and capture their special moment.


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