Wednesday, January 16, 2013
After we spent our Christmas in Prague, we drove to Budapest for New Year. It was a 5 hours drive through 3 countries; Czech, Slovakia, and Hungary. The road was okay, though not as good as Autobahn in Germany. The things we didn't really like was the 130 kmh speed limit and the Vignette.

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. The name Budapest came from Buda and Pest, which used to be two different cities until 1873. What makes the city so beautiful is the Danube river, which lies between Buda and Pest. The long history also makes this city so special, although at the first glance it doesn't seem so old like Prague.

We met our other friends there and had already planned the whole journey together. We tried the famous spa, walked around the city's highlights, and spent our new year's eve in a club (just like the most traveller guides suggested about Budapest: Spa and Nightlife). And traveling with more people was actually different than usual. It was fun, since they're so energetic and of course, photogenic. Somehow it gives another feeling than photographing some random people for some street photography. We just can tell them to pose, although we prefer to capture their pictures when they're off guards.


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