The Charles Bridge, Prague

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
The Charles Bridge (or Karluv most in Czech or Karlsbrücke in German) is the famous bridge and the top must-to-see attraction in Prague. The bridge crosses the Vltava River and connect The Lesser Town or Malá Strana (which is below the Castle Area) and The Old Town

The Bridge is about 621 meters long and 10 meters wide. It has three bridge towers; two on the Lesser Town side, and one on the Old Town side. What makes this bridge so beautiful is the statues. There are 30 of them standing on both left and right side of the bridge. They give the feeling as if they're watching everyone who crosses the bridge.

For us, the bridge is the highlight of our visit to Prague. We're so fascinated by it and came back every single day of our stay. During the day, it's so packed with the tourists, artists, and souvenir kiosks. Despite of hectic situation, the bridge seems so cheerful and lively.

On 2nd day of our visit, we managed to get up extra early and rush to the bridge to take some picture of it. It wasn't 100% empty (there were also a few people like us with their camera gears), but it was worth it. The dawn at the empty bridge was so gorgeous. It revealed more its beauty and gave the mysterious vibe at the same time. There were some creepy auras because of the silhouette of the statues and crossing the bridge at the dawn also gave the chill of time-traveling to the Middle Ages.


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