Balinese Wedding

Friday, February 1, 2013
I was arranging our photo album of 2012, as I found these photos again. The pictures are just too beautiful to be left on our hard drive. So I decided to put these on this blog.

It was the wedding of my cousin, Mitzi, who got married in Bali last October. Her husband, Made, is a Balinese, and they decided to get married in his hometown, Klungkung. Actually, I couldn't come to their wedding, because I couldn't extend my holiday at that time. But luckily, my husband managed to be there (he's my mentor, by the way). So he took the pictures, and I did the post processing. Editing the pictures was kinda hard for me. The more I see, the more I regret for not being there personally. It became my greatest regret of the year.

I just love traditional wedding, it has its own charm and beauty. The wedding seems so colorful and also shows the rich culture of Bali. The best part is: the butterfly story. My husband told me, that during the ceremony, a big black butterfly came and sat on the bride's head accessoires. The people started to notice it, because it sat there for quite a long time. Since the Balinese are quite superstitious, they told the bride that "someone special" was coming to visit through the butterfly. And she was quite sure that it was her father, who passed away a few years ago. I cried as I heard the story about the butterfly, and wished that the superstitious were true. Her father was my favorite uncle, somehow hearing that story also brought back the memories about him.

So, congratulation once again to Mitzi&Made. Wish you both live happily ever after...


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