Zagora Desert

Thursday, February 27, 2014
We arrived at Zagora just before sunset and our dromedaries (one hump camels) had been waiting for us and were ready to go. Despite the bumpy ride on dromedaries for one hour, we could still enjoy the beautiful view of the rocky desert during the sunset and watch the rise of full moon right before arriving at our camp. The full moon caused the night sky in the middle of nowhere so bright, which made us easy to find our tent or toilet. On the other side, the stars were barely seen. So, the experiment for astrophotography had to be canceled.

After dinner, we enjoyed the evening together with our fellow travelers, danced around the campfire, and had a good chat with new people before returning to our colorful Berber tent, which was surprisingly quite cozy.

The next morning, we only had a brief time to play at the desert. It was quite fun, although people said that Zagora desert does not offer a real Moroccan desert like Erg Chebbi or Erg Chebaba (well, maybe next time?). After finishing our breakfast, we hopped on our dromedaries and luckily it was not another one hour ride back, because our minibus picked us up at another place.


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