Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Our first stop in Paris is Louvre, the most famous museum in the world. To tell the truth, visiting Louvre on Easter holiday wasn't a great idea, especially because it's packed with tourists. Thankfully, we bought Paris Museum Pass, which allowed us to skip the super long line at the entrance. 

Since Louvre wasn't the only destination that day, we only had about three-four hours to enjoy the museum. That's why we only managed to stroll around only one of the three wings, namely Denon Wing, to say hello to Mona Lisa, Madonna Of The Rocks, and Nike of Samothrace. 

Despite the tourist swarm, Louvre remained charming and entertaining. Somehow, it was fun to observe, not only the paintings and sculptures, but also the visitors. However, it would be still better to visit the museum not on public holiday and plan at least a day or two if you want to see the whole collection of Louvre. 


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