Carnival in Cologne

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Happy Lunar New Year!

But as you can see, there's no sign of any Chinese New Year in Germany. Because it's carnival time! So, instead of greeting people "Gong Xi Fat Cai", we yelled "Alaaf!" and sang "Viva Colonia" all day. It's been years since we had fun in any carnival, and actually it's our first time visiting the Kölner Karneval, the biggest Carnival in Germany.

The Carnival is a public parade and somehow also a huge costume party. The word Carnival means "farewell to meat", actually the Carnival itself is a festive season before the Lent. The Cologne Carnival starts on Fat Thursday (Weiberfastnacht), ends on Ash Wednesday (Aschermittwoch), and the highlight of the carnival is on Rose Monday (Rosenmontag). Since there's no public holiday in our State on Rose Monday, we decided to visit the carnival on Sunday, which called Kölner Schull- un Veedelszöch.

Although the parade is not as huge as on Rose Monday, We still had a very good time. The parade was arranged by schools, that's why there're so many dressed up children attending the parade. It's fun, it's cute, it's colorful, it's definitely a must to see celebration of the year.


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