Saturday, January 5, 2013
It was almost Christmas, and we decided to drive around for the holiday season. Since our destination was Prague, we decided to depart a day earlier to make a stop over in Dresden. It's a beautiful old city with a long history. It was totally destroyed in World War II and has undergone reconstructions in the past few decades. Maybe it was really too beautiful to forget, and that's why people decided to rebuilt the city, especially the important historic buildings. They also took the original materials as much as possible to rebuild the whole buildings, that's why you can find black (original) stones in every facade of the reconstructed buildings.

Our visit to Dresden was kinda short and the weather wasn't that nice. But Dresden charmed us in anyway; apart from it's beauty, it also has delicious foods in affordable fancy restaurants. We also managed to learn more about night shots and had difficulties photographing architecture in midday because of the grey sky (photoshopping a fake sky is not a good option!). Most of all, we regret for not taking any pictures from the other side of the river. Now we're considering to be back on summer.


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