China - Guangxi

Monday, November 12, 2012
It was my first visit to China. Since it was a "family trip", we let our parent to decide the destination for us, and Guangxi province was the answer. Guangxi is a province of southern China. It has a mountainous terrain, which became inspirations for Chinese paintings and also a typical landscape of China.

In this trip, we joined a tour group, and had our itinerary done by a travel agency. All we did was enjoy the view, hop on and off the bus, took photos, did some shopping, got in and out the restaurants, and did things what typical asian tourists do. It was fun, though for me the public toilets were hell on earth.

If you love nature and beautiful landscape, you might love this place. The culture seems interesting too, since they have a lot of races with different cultures. But there wasn't much interesting buildings/architecture. Maybe Beijing would be our next target when we have another chance to visit China again.


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